EIA Funding

Belridge Elementary School District

2013-2014 Economic Impact Aid Funding

Pursuant to Senate Bill 754 (Chapter 573, Statutes of 2012)

2011-12 2012-13
Amount of EIA funds allocated in the fiscal year $19,259.00
Amount of EIA funds used for administrative costs for the fiscal year  $0 $0
Amount of EIA funds spent on Limited English Proficient (LEP) students (SACS Resource 7091)
District Total $0 $26,517.44
Belridge Elementary $0 $26,571.44
Amount of EIA funds spent on Compensatory Education (SACS   Resource 7090)
District Total $0 $47,950.72
Belridge Elementary $0 $47,950.72
Unexpected balance of EIA funds  $0 $0
Explaination of why all of the funds have not been expended