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Belridge Elementary School has a population of 35 students, a principal/superintendent, a certified staff of three teachers, three bilingual aides, and a classified staff of six. Historically, the school has enjoyed strong parent and community support. The school is located at 19447 Wagon Wheel Road in McKittrick, California. Belridge is a rural TK-8 school district that has been educating children on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley since the early 1900’s. The school population is approximately 80% Hispanic and 20% Anglo. The Belridge School mission is to provide students with a positive and challenging learning environment, which empowers them to become responsible and productive citizens who demonstrate positive self-esteem. We believe children are unique individuals who grow and learn at different paces. We nurture the natural curiosity and joy for learning that children possess. Along with our parents and community, we build a solid foundation for the future learning of all Belridge students.


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